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Simply, efficiently and quickly analyze multicolor, multiparametric data from flow cytometers of today and tomorrow.

CytExpert Software for CytoFLEX

  • CytExpert Software for CytoFLEX

    Intuitive workflow capabilities for complex flow cytometric application setup Intuitive graphic interface for novice and flow experts alike

  • Kaluza Analysis

  • Kaluza Analysis Software

    Kaluza Analysis Software

    Powerful software for high-content data analysis

    With features designed to simplify life in the lab, Kaluza aims to provide a greater understanding of the data generated by modern cytometers. Kaluza technology offers real-time analysis of high content files to free up valuable time for discovery.

  • Kaluza for Gallios Acquisition Software

  • Kaluza for Gallios Acquisition Software

    Kaluza for Gallios Acquisition Software

    Analytical muscle for your collected data

    With four possible laser configurations scalable to 10 colors, sophisticated forward and side scatter detectors, state-of-the-art optics, and other innovative features, Gallios delivers powerful, versatile performance. And Kaluza provides the analytical muscle to make the most of the data generated.

    Download our free offline software which allows users to author Kaluza protocols and worklists for the Gallios flow cytometer on their own computers.

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