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Custom Reagent Services

Custom Reagent Services

You can do more because we do more for you

Do more research. Do more data analysis. Do more testing.
Do more of what you’re passionate about—and less manual cocktailing.

Whatever you want to do more of, we can help. Because we can do more for you. We can be a time- and cost-saving, single-source provider for a wide variety of off-the-shelf and customized products and services to support all your flow cytometry needs. Customization need not be synonymous with expensive and time-consuming. With our flexible, collaborative approach, small lot size requirements, and DURA Innovations-based dry reagents that reduce waste, we can help you do more, save more and achieve more.

If your clinical or translational research lab needs ≥ 200* tests of these (or other) customized research products**:

  • Purified antibodies
  • Single- or multicolor antibody conjugates
  • Room temperature-stable dry reagents
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CDS Custom Panel Design & Cocktail Services***

If your lab needs bulk orders of tests that are:

  • Commercially available, but formulated, optimized and validated by you, based on your requirements
  • Manufactured using GMP**** in ISO 9001-compliant facilities
  • Available in liquid or room temperature-stable dry formats
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CMS Contract Manufacturing Services
*DURA Innovations-based dry products are available in lots of 200 tests.
**Manufactured using GMP in ISO 9001-compliant facilities.
***For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
****GMP as defined under India Drugs & Cosmetic Act 1940
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