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Rotors, Tubes & Adapters

Extensive selection of rotors and centrifuge accessories for the most in application flexibility and performance.

Tubes and Bottles

  • Tubes and Bottles

    Tubes and Bottles

    From conical tubes and bottles to microplates and culture flasks, we off a complete selection of supporting products designed to work seamlessly with your Beckman Coulter centrifuge and rotor system.

    Tubes and bottles for every application

    A number of factors go into selecting the right tube including

    • Separation technique
    • Sample type
    • Solvent or gradient media
    • Disposable or reusable format

    Tubes and bottles from Beckman Coulter are available in a wide variety of materials, each with its own distinct combination of properties to meet a variety of processing requirements.

    • Transparent, translucent or opaque
    • Diaphanous tubes designed to be sliced or punctured
    • Autoclavable tubes that can be sterilized and reused
    • Tubes resistant to a variety of chemical compounds

  • Adapters

  • Centrifuge Buckets and Adapters

    Centrifuge Buckets and Adapters

    ​Improve the application flexibility of your centrifuge with buckets and adapters from Beckman Coulter.

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