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General purpose, high performance and ultracentrifuges that provide superior quality, reproducibility and reliable performance.

High-Speed Centrifuges

    • Avanti JXN-30 Series

      Avanti JXN-30 Series

      Overcome shared lab challenges with Avanti JXN Series Centrifuges

      Covering all of the applications of a floor-standing centrifuge, the Avanti JXN-30 features rotor speed of 30,000 RPM and RCF greater than 100,000 x g. The exceptional, reliable performance, improved BioSafety* and advanced levels of networking found in the Avanti JXN-30 can help you master daily lab challenges, and achieve your daily goals with the throughput you need for shared labs, GMP environments, and networked instruments.

      The additional power of the MobileFuge app gives additional flexibility, including the ability to:

      • Access and monitor data remotely
      • Manage permissions
      • Address error handling and more via networks or mobile devices

    • Avanti JXN-26 Series

      Avanti JXN-26 Series

      Enhance your workflow with the Avanti JXN-26 high-speed centrifuge system

      Experience simplified high-throughput sample processing and more control with the Avanti JXN-26 with powerful features, low heat output, imbalance tolerance and quiet performance.  

      • 6.0L max capacity
      • 26,000 RPM
      • 82,000 x g

    • Avanti J-26S Series

      Avanti J-26S Series

      Enhance your workflow with the Avanti J-26S high-speed centrifuges

      The Avanti® J-26S centrifuge series is the only high-performancesystem you’ll ever need. Experience simplified high-throughput sample processing and more control with powerful features including low heat output, imbalance tolerance and quiet performance.  
      • 6.0L max capacity
      • 26,000 RPM
      • 82,000 x g

    • Avanti J-26XP Series

      Avanti J-26XP Series

      High-speed processing for multi-user, multi-protocol labs

      The multipurpose, high-speed Avanti® J-26 XP cam process rocessing up to six liters in less than ten minutes. With a full range of rotors, adapters and sample carriers, the Avanti-26 XP Series offers incredible versatility to support your research needs for many years to come.

      • 6.0L max capacity
      • 26,000 RPM
      • 82,000 x g

    • Avanti J-30I High-Performance Series

      Avanti J-30I High-Performance Series

      Accelerate sample processing with the maximum g-force in a high-speed centrifuge

      Achieve the fastest separations possible in the shortest amount of time with the Avanti® J-30I high performance centrifuge

      • Samples spend more time at full force and less time in the centrifuge
      • Swinging-bucket and fixed-angle rotors provide maximum separation forces in excess of 100,000 x g at speeds up to 30,000 rpm
      • Unmatched acceleration/deceleration rates
      • 4.0L max capacity
      • 30,000 RPM
      • 110,500 x g

    • Avanti J-E Series

      Avanti J-E Series

      Easily perform separations with the compact Avanti J-E high-speed centrifuge

      Uniquely designed to achieve a high degree of separation, the Avanti® J-E offers outstanding high-speed peformance in a compact design.

      • 4.0L max capacity
      • 21,000 RPM
      • 53,300 x

    • Avanti J-HC

      Avanti J-HC

      Efficient. Convenient. Control.

      The Avanti J-HC High Capacity Centrifuge provides you with a complete solution for batch bioprocessing. A maximum of 9 Liters can be spun at speeds of 5,000 rpm and 7,480 x g for greater sample throughput. This allows processing of up to 36 Liters per hour when harvesting bacteria. Enhanced operator safety is provided with disposable HarvestLine System Liners.

    • J6-MI


      Easy. Adaptable. Control

      Experience the J6-MI centrifuge solution . . .uniquely designed to achieve key separations in volumes up to 6 Liters.

      Enjoy maintenance free operations due to the rugged, brushless induction drive which delivers high torque, fast acceleration, and extended motor life due to low wear. Experience full control with up to ten operator definable acceleration and deceleration profiles. Eliminate rotor imbalance with the exclusive ARIES rotors; designed to auto correct opposing, imbalanced loads up to 100 grams without manual intervention or delay.

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