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Support the fight against HIV/AIDS and related co-infections

More than 30 years after HIV/AIDS first appeared, there are an estimated 37 million cases worldwide with nearly 70% of HIV positive patients living in Sub Saharan Africa followed by Southeast Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. The vast majority of individuals affected by HIV are in low and middle income countries. More than 3 million children were infected by HIV positive mothers during pregnancy and childbirth or through breastfeeding (1).

A legacy of serving humanity

The worldwide need for effective assessment and treatment is more urgent than ever, and Beckman Coulter is part of the solution. Beckman Coulter helped pioneer the use of flow cytometry to confront the emerging threat of HIV/AIDS in the 1980s. Beckman Coulter introduced the manual CD4 counting test for use with a microscope for labs without access to flow cytometry. Beckman Coulter is moving healthcare forward by bringing more than 80 years of automation and innovation history in the clinical diagnostics laboratory from flow cytometry to the molecular diagnostics arena.

CARES Initiative

The CARES initiative was launched and driven by a social and civic responsibility to support the fight against HIV/AIDS. Public and private partnerships are being explored to identify areas for Beckman Coulter to contribute for the broader purpose. We seek to develop alliances with non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), implementing partners, and health policy organizations to align our efforts.


The Beckman Coulter CARES Award celebrates the vision and endeavor of an individual whose humanitarian work, combined with their own commitment, has significantly improved the lives of local people impacted by AIDS. The award's goal is to recognize dynamic individuals whose commitment and work serve as inspiration for the community. Learn more.

CARES Solutions

Drawing from our history as leading biomedical life science companies, we’ve collaborated with healthcare leaders to develop breakthrough HIV monitoring solutions that contribute directly to the treatment process. Your mission for timely HIV monitoring impacting treatment decisions in regions hardest hit by the disease, is what drives Beckman Coulter. At Beckman Coulter, we’re bringing a world of CARES to a world in need. Learn more.


  1. WHO (2015): HIV/AIDS Fact Sheet No. 360. World Health Organization, Geneva.

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